Walnut Mini Taco Passing Tray – Holds 24


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For those looking for a larger mini taco passing tray, this board made of solid walnut is perfect for any occasion. This popular board can be used on the move as a stationary display. Made in the USA.

Color and grain vary from board to board.

Holds: 24 mini tacos

Dimensions: 15 ¾” x 7”x1”

Care Instructions:
Hand wash only. For best results clean with a mild soap detergent and avoid using abrasive items.

1 review for Walnut Mini Taco Passing Tray – Holds 24

  1. Samantha Long

    I own this double passing tray, as well as the single, in walnut, AND several of the metal racks, to boot! All are wonderfully made, and almost essential for loading and serving these wonderful shells. As the co-owner of a small personal chef service and catering company, I don’t know how I did without mini taco shells for the last 30 years, but I am so very happy I discovered them!

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