We sell our products to everyone and anyone.  Ordering is simple – If you see a product you like, just click on the item, add it to your cart and check out. If you experience any issues, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

About Us

Minitacoshells.com started in 2013 to help chefs and party planners alike.  Our owner and staff are Culinary Institute of America Alumni and strive for nothing but perfection.  Thank you for your business !



We make every case of mini taco shells to order to maintain quality and freshness.  Our production days are Sunday – Thursday.  When you order our product it will be made and shipped out the next production/ business day.


Credit Terms

We offer credit terms for restaurants, hotels and retailers.  Most common terms are net 14 and net 21.  If you would like to apply for credit terms or if you would like us to keep your card on file please fill out the form below and email it back to us at:


Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Application For Terms



We have mastered the packing and shipping of our fragile little taco shells, but we understand not everything is fool proof. Just in case of a klutzy or disgruntled delivery person, we pack an extra 10 – 15 shells per box.  If you have more than that please email us at info@minitacoshells.com with pictures immediately so that we can get you the product you need and so that we can file an insurance claim for the breakage.  We will not process claims that are over 60 days old.


Unfortunately we cannot accept returns for any reason.  It is against our local and federal health codes to do so.

We want our customers to be happy.  If for some reason you are unsatisfied with our products let us know and we will try to come up with a resolution .